Heating costs can average around 40% of your monthly utility bill, depending on where you live. Older homes are especially difficult to heat due to poor insulation, but new homes can have heating challenges, too. Heat your home efficiently to stay warm this winter and save money on your heating bill.

3 Tips to Efficiently Heat Your Home

Install a Programmable Thermostat

You don’t need to heat your living spaces if you’re not home all of the time. When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget to turn the thermostat down when you leave for the day. Then your furnace works all day to heat an empty house.

Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to set times for heating throughout the day. After you set the program, you won’t have to remember to lower the thermostat when the house is empty or at bedtime every night. The thermostat does the work for you.

Use the Sun to Heat Your Home Efficiently

By leaving your windows uncovered during the day, your home will collect warmth from the sun at no cost to you. The radiant heat means less work for your furnace during the day and you can save a lot of energy and money over the winter months. Close the curtains and blinds once the sun goes down to add a layer of insulation over the windows and hold onto the heat from the day.

Block Drafts

No matter how much you use the furnace, you will not be able to successfully heat your home if the building is drafty. Combat drafts by sealing doors and windows, which are the two most common places that cold air gets into your home.

Install a door sweep to keep air from coming in from under the door. Check the weatherstripping around windows and the sides of doors to make sure it’s in good condition. Aging, deteriorating weatherstripping won’t prevent airflow from the outside. Replace the weatherstripping and seal gaps and cracks with caulk.

Heating your home efficiently helps you save money and prevents energy waste. Whether your home is new or old, these steps allow you to make adjustments so you can heat your living spaces easily.

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